Jameson Supply/Distributor

Mohawk is your one stop shop for new equipment and supply.  We can replace your old equipment that may be beyond economical repair or update your existing equipment.
We can provide warehousing of equipment as well if required.

Please contact our customer service representatives for ordering and contract Pricing 800-225-6642

Jameson offerings

Inside Wiring
Buddy® Fish Tapes
Microduct Fisher
2nd Man Cable Puller
Glow Fish Rods
Splicer Scissors and Knives
Underground Cabling and Locating
Buddy® Rodders
Duct Hunter™ Traceable Rodders
Live Tracer – Water
Live Tracer – Gas
Cable and Pipe Locators
Sonde & Adapters 24
Aerial Cable Placement Tools
Aerial Buddy Fiber Optic Sheave
Corner Blocks and Pole Mount Brackets
Stringing and Overlash Blocks
Telescoping Measuring Poles
Aerial Bucket and Boom Tool Holders
Bucket and Boom Tool Holders
Canvas Tool Bags

Fiberglass Poles and Lay Up Sticks
Poles Overview
JE Foam Core
FG Hollow Core
BL Lightweight Poles
LS Landscaper
Telescoping Poles
Tree Care – Pole Tools and Hand Tools
Pole Saws
Saw Blades
Hand Saws
Tree Trimming Packages
Pole Accessories
Handheld Portable Work Lights
Stringable Shelter Lights
Tripod Wide Area Light
ExoStar Area Light
Cero® LED Lights


Rechargeable LED Clamp Light

The Rechargeable LED Clamp Light from Jameson allows users to clamp it, place it, and use it anywhere on and off the job. Dual-output levels provide ultra-bright high-level output or extended runtime using low-level output. The versatile clamp base and two-axis swivel head makes this perfect for professional trades including Electrical, Telecom Mechanical, HVAC, MRO, and more.

MSRP: $42.35

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