Fiber Splicing & Truck Bodies

Mohawk Ltd. has taken a ground up approach to the design of their Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers. We have succeeded in producing the most durable, self-sufficient and comfortable mobile work environment on the market today. Our Fiber Optic trailers are constructed to meet with any of your field splicing requirements.

The FRP construction combined with a structural aluminum frame provides the ultimate in corrosion protection. The FRP Panels (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) Material will withstand impacts and abrasion from stones, tree branches and road debris that would leave aluminum skin over frame trailers with dents holes and tears in the skin. The smooth interior and exterior walls are seamless and free of fasteners for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The wall surfaces will not rust, corrode, fade or peel and the smooth wall surfaces easily accept graphics and paint. FRP offers maximum durability, superior thermal and noise insulation, low maintenance and extended life.

Axles: Dexter “TorFlex” torsion axles with “EZ Lube” lubrication provide superior ride and low maintenance. Tandem axles are rated 3,500 lb., total GVWR is 7,700 lb.

Generators and Compartments: The most popular generator is the Onan On Board Generator 5.5kw (larger sizes are available along with other power systems). The Onan generators are “commercial/industrial” grade (as opposed to RV types that are more commonly used in RV and consumer products). They perform superbly and quietly and are well supported nationwide. The on-board generators are housed in an FRP insulated enclosure that provides additional sound insulation and the pullout generator-mounting tray affords easy access to the generator for routine maintenance. The Start/Stop Generator Switch mechanism operates from the inside of the trailer for simple operation and the ship-to shore power with auto transfer switching provides flexible power options. The 18 gallon fuel tank built in the trailers’ frame is a certified EPA compliant, charcoal vapor reclamation system. Tongue-mounted generators in aluminum enclosures are also available.

Flooring: The seamless industrial grade PVC flooring over Advantech engineered wood composite sub floor provides superior protection against delaminating.

Interior Exterior Lighting: The highly visible LED D.O.T. Compliant Lighting has a lifetime guarantee. Other options such as flush mounted scene lights and removable magnetic base lights are also available. Flush mount Fluorescent Lighting affords maximum head room.

Interior Work Surfaces & Cabinetry: All plastic laminate construction over plywood cores in work surfaces and cabinets utilizes a “hard glue” system. This system provides a product with superior moisture and water damage resistance when compared to contact glue-bonded components. The countertops incorporate an adjustable height Fusion Splicer Insert
and the large interior Storage Cabinet w/ Bypass Doors features by-pass doors and offers ample storage shelves for closures and tools.

Fiber Access Doors Fiber Access Doors: Constructed out of plastic composite this one piece door system includes a weatherproof cable access slot (can be customize to fit any cable)Protective Snap-on Covers for Fiber Doors are provided for use while in transit to protect from road debris.

AC/Heat: The 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner and Baseboard Electric Heater provide a consistent and comfortable work environment.

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