Tamper & Compactor Line Cards

Mohawk Ltd. repairs the following Tampers and Compactors.  To request a quote or additional information on a product or group of products, please fill out the contact form below.  If your product does not appear please feel free to contact us at 315-737-7328.

Tamper/Compactor Line Card

  • BURNDY HPT59 Hydraulic Tamper
  • BURNDY HPT60 Hydraulic Tamper
  • BURNDY HPT71 Hydraulic Tamper
  • BURNDY HPT72 Hydraulic Tamper
  • BURNDY HPT83 Hydraulic Tamper
  • BURNDY HPT84 Hydraulic Tamper
  • BURNDY HPT96 Hydraulic Tamper
  • CHICAGO PNEUMATIC CP0003 Pneumatic Tamper
  • CHICAGO PNEUMATIC CP0004 Pneumatic Tamper
  • CHICAGO PNEUMATIC Q Pneumatic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H4802 Hydraulic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H4802 -1 Hydraulic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H4802 -3 Hydraulic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H4802 -5 Hydraulic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H4802 -6 Hydraulic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H43227 Hydraulic Tamper
  • GREENLEE H48383 Hydraulic Tamper
  • INGERSOLL RAND 441A2 Pneumatic Tamper
  • INGERSOLL RAND 341A2M Pneumatic Tamper
  • INGERSOLL RAND 241 Pneumatic Tamper
  • RELIABLE  REL TMP 60 Pole Tamper
  • RELIABLE  REL TMP 60V Pole Tamper
  • RELIABLE  REL TMP 72 Pole Tamper
  • STANLEY TA52 Hydraulic Tamper
  • STANLEY TA54 Hydraulic Tamper
  • STANLEY TA55 Hydraulic Tamper
  • STANLEY TA57Hydraulic Tamper
  • STANLEY TT46 Railroad Tie Tamper
  • STONE MFG. S38A Tamper
  • STONE MFG. XN650R01 Hydraulic Tamper
  • WACKER BPU2440A Tamper
  • WACKER BPU2540A Tamper
  • WACKER BS50-2 Tamper/Rammer
  • WACKER BS60 Tamper/Rammer
  • WACKER BS70 Tamper/Rammer
  • WACKER DS70 Tamper/Rammer
  • WACKER VPA1350W Compactor
  • WACKER WP1550AW Compactor

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