Chain Saw Repair

Mohawk Ltd. repairs the following Hydraulic, Electric, Gas, Chain and pole saws.  To request a quote or additional information on a product or group of products, please fill out the contact form below.  If your product does not appear please feel free to contact us at 315-737-7328

Chain and Stick Saw Line Card         Industrial Saw Repair

  • ACKLEY 7H1865 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • ACKLEY 7H1879 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • BURNDY HHS00B13 Hydraulic Stick Saw
  • BURNDY HPS Hydraulic Stick Saw
  • BURNDY HPS1371LWMAG Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HPS1375LWMAG Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HPS1388LWMAG Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HPS0/C5B13 Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HPS0/C4B13 Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HHS0/CB13 Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HHS0/CB16 Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • BURNDY HPS0/CB203 Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • FAIRMONT H6200B Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • FAIRMONT H6220B Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • FAIRMONT HCS816 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • GREENLEE 43177 Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • HOMELITE 250 Gas Chain Saw
  • HOMELITE D4550B Gas Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 316 Electric Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 338 Gas Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 350 Gas Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 40 Gas Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 44 Gas Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 51 Gas Chain Saw
  • HUSQVARNA 55 Gas Chain Saw
  • INGERSOLL RAND S80 Chain Saw
  • JONSERED 535 Gas Chain Saw
  • JONSERED 2116EL Electric Chain Saw
  • MAKITA 5014NB Electric Chain Saw
  • MAKITA UC3500 Electric Chain Saw
  • MILWAUKEE 6210 Electric Chain Saw
  • MILWAUKEE 6215 Electric Chain Saw
  • MILWAUKEE 6225 Electric Chain Saw
  • MILWAUKEE 6227 Electric Chain Saw
  • POULAN 2000 Gas Chain Saw
  • POULAN 2001 Gas Chain Saw
  • POULAN PP4218AV Gas Chain Saw
  • POULAN EL14 Electric Chain Saw
  • RELIABLE CS16 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • RELIABLE LR88.5 Hydraulic Stick Saw
  • REMINGTON 10431604 Electric Chain Saw
  • REMINGTON 111174 Electric Chain Saw
  • REMINGTON EL7 Electric Chain Saw
  • REMINGTON EL8 Electric Chain Saw
  • REMINGTON M15014US Electric Chain Saw
  • STANLEY CS04 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • STANLEY CS05 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • STANLEY CS06 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • STANLEY CS07 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • STANLEY CS11 Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • STANLEY CS23 Hydraulic Stick Saw
  • STANLEY CS26 Hydraulic Stick Saw
  • STIHL E14 Electric Chain Saw
  • STIHL E180 Electric Chain Saw
  • STIHL E20 Electric Chain Saw
  • STIHL E220 Electric Chain Saw
  • STIHL MSE220 Electric Chain Saw
  • STIHL 024 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL 025 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL 026 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL 036 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL 038 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL 21 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL CHAINSAW Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MS250 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MS260 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MS290 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MS360 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MS361 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MS440 Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL MSE180C Gas Chain Saw
  • STIHL TS400 Gas Chain Saw
  • WACHS Co. MODC Guillotine Saw
  • WACHS Co. MODEL D Guillotine Saw

Featured Products

Hydraulic Pole Saw

Burndy’s New Hydraulic Pole Saw

Hydraulic Pole Saw

  • New Design with enhanced safety features
  • Ideal for clearing limbs
  • Assembly tested values specified to OSHA 1910.269

More Info

Hydraulic Chain Saw

Hydraulic Chain saw


  • Low RMM and high torque-minimize saw kickback
  • Choice of 13″, 16″ or 20″ bars.

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