12’L x 92”W Fiber Splicing Truck Body suitable for installation on a customer supplied F350 or larger cab/chassis and E350 or larger cutaway van chassis with 84” cab-axle dimensions. The body is insulated FRP interior/exterior trailer with 1” foam sidewall insulation, 6” ceiling insulation.  It includes the following standard specifications and equipment:

  • Structural aluminum frame
  • Single 32” wide rear door, left hand hinge, knob & deadbolt locksets, window in top half.
  • 18”x18” lift up fiber cable access doors with 2”x 6” cable slot door with interior latch, opening outward.
  • 30”x15” radiused tinted glass slider windows located streetside
Electrical as follows:
  • 50 amp panel box, include main & circuit breakers
  • 110 volt 15 amp duplex outlets
  • 110 V GFI outlets w/weathertite box on curb side
  • 12V accessory/cell phone power outlet
  • Ship-to-shore power receptacle w/25’ cord and integral battery charger/maintainer
  • 4’ dual fluorescent ceiling lights (flush mount)
  • 48” fluorescent strip lights mounted under streetside overhead shelf unit
  • Strobe beacons on roof
  • Flush mount 12V scene light mounted rear exterior wall
  • 115 volt powered roof vent
  • Air conditioning, 13,500 BTU
  • 1500 watt forced air wall heater w/fan and wall mounted thermostat
  • Kidde Carbon monoxide detector
  • Onan 5.5 KW Commercial/Mobile Gasoline Generator, includes battery, exhaust kit & installation
  • Generator compartment for gasoline installation includes insulated FRP construction, locking aluminum ATP access door (no fuel tank included, assume use of truck fuel supply)
  • 24” full length countertop, streetside interior w/an adjustable height insert
  • 24” wide removable work surface w/drop down support leg
  • 56″x16″ full height plastic laminate cabinet w/sliding bypass doors and interior shelves located rear curbside of trailer
  • 12″ wide shelf over streetside windows with 2ea. 48″ fluorescent strip lights under 5 lb. fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Magnetic floodlight mounting plates (for mounting removable magnetic base floodlights)
  • Installation on customer cab chassis of an additional leaf spring on generator side of cab/chassis for better weight distribution

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