October 2, 2017








 UAV/Drone Repair

Students from Mohawk Valley Community College’s (MVCC’s) Remotely Piloted Aircraft System’s (Drone) program have partnered with Mohawk Ltd. (a woman owned business) in Chadwicks, NY to test and repair electronic systems for a multitude of UAV aircraft.  This mutually beneficial relationship will help to build the technical workforce that is required to support Central New York’s emerging Drone Corridor.


MVCC’s drone program’s interdisciplinary curriculum provides students with an in-depth understanding of the electrical and mechanical systems of drones, and prepares students to plan missions and implement operations which, include aircraft flight, data collection, and data analysis.  The program allows students to hone their operation and flight skills on professional equipment in MVCC’s state-of-the-art flight simulator lab. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to work as drone technicians, fabricators, pilots, operators, and mission team members in a variety of industries, including field mapping, disaster and emergency management, law enforcement, engineering, commercial contracting, film, and more.


Mohawk Ltd. is a state-of-the-art repair, calibration and supply company that repairs electronic, mechanical, hydraulic tools and equipment used by the Telecom, Cable, Utilty, Private Industry, Law Enforcement, Government and Construction markets. Mohawk Ltd. also serves the Broadband Initiative by providing Fiber Optic test equipment and supplies across the country.


Mohawk Ltd. expects to rely heavily on graduates of MVCC’s UAV/Drone program to fulfill their hiring requirements as they become major players in the Commercial UAV/Drone Industry.


Hoist Repair, Testing and Certification

September 4, 2017








 Hoist Repair, Testing & Certification


Mohawk Ltd. Recently installed a new Hoist Test Stand which can test Hoists up to 16 Tons at 125% of load capacity. A graph is generated indicating that the Hoist is certified to and passes the manufactures load specifications. The print out will also include the date service was performed, the Hoist Manufacturer, Serial number and Model number and the Hoist rating (Tons) and the Pass status.