ScopeMeter Calibration

Mohawk Ltd calibrates all of the following ScopeMeters/Portable Oscilloscopes used in troubleshooting applications like control systems, electrical systems, power supply problems and measuring voltage reflections.

Calibration Services:

Standard calibration service includes: NIST traceable calibration certification, warranty void label & cal due label.

Premium calibration service includes: NIST traceable calibration certification with pre & post data, warranty void label & cal due label.

Service Turn Around Time (TAT) = 5 business days.(from receipt of your instrument to shipment)

* Pricing is for Calibration only and does not include repairs.
All equipment must be marked “For Calibration Only” on your PO or repair tag.
If repair is required you will be quoted time and materials.

ScopeMeter/Portable Oscilloscope Calibration Line Card

  • FLUKE 105 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 105B r ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 190-062 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 190-104 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 190-202 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 190-204 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 190-502 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 190-504 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 91 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 92 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 93 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 95 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 96 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 97 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 97/AUTO ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 98 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 99 ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 92B ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 96B ScopeMeter
  • FLUKE 99B ScopeMeter
  • TEKTRONIX THS3014 ScopeMeter
  • TEKTRONIX THS3024 ScopeMeter


Request a Quote for ScopeMeter Calibrations

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Service Values Provided

Fast Turnaround 5 business days or less (from receipt of your instrument to shipment).

Pickup and Delivery in select locations for your convenience.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and compliant to ANSI Z540-1.

Certificates of Calibration and Calibration Due labels are provided for every calibrated unit.

Pre Cal and Post Cal data are recorded whenever an instrument is found out of calibration.

Pre Cal data is recorded when an instrument is received in spec (available upon request).

Warranty Void labels are applied to each unit calibrated, when feasible.

No charge evaluation fees if unit requires repair or restoration services.