Live Line Hotstick Trailer

This smooth 1/8” mill-finish aluminum sheet Live-Line Hot Stick trailer is just one of many examples of trailers that were built to customer’s specification. Constructed to transport hot sticks and other valuable equipment securely and efficiently to the job site was this customer’s priority.

The Gull Wing doors provide easy access to tools and hot sticks, and the overall floor plan is designed to maximize usable space for operational efficiency and provide ample room for hot stick storage and additional tools.

8′x12′ Vee Nose Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer

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Mohawk Ltd.’s “VEE” Nose Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer Offers Several Advantages:
• 15% more work and storage space
• Aerodynamic configuration greatly reduces wind resistance and increases fuel efficiency
• Added flexibility for interior work and storage configurations
• Available in 6’x10’, 7’x12’, 8’x12’ and custom sizes
Additional Advantages
• Fiberglass reinforced plywood (FRP) construction provides maximum durability, superior thermal and noise insulation, low maintenance, and
extended life.
• Smooth interior and exterior walls are seamless and free of fasteners for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
• Structural aluminum or hot-dip galvanized steel frames and trim provide the ultimate in corrosion protection.
• Dexter “TorFlex” torsion axles offer superior suspension and handling characteristics.
• Specially designed gasoline fuel tanks are frame mounted and fully certified.
• Flush mount interior fluorescent lighting affords maximum head room.
• Generators from 5.5 kW to 7.0 kW (gasoline, fuel injection or propane) and ship-to-shore power with auto transfer switching provide flexible
power options.
• All interior work surfaces and cabinetry are custom built, surfaced in plastic laminate for maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

The Benefits of Pull-Behind Trailers

You’ve decided that you’re ready to purchase a  trailer for your business or agency. There are a lot of variables that come into play, from construction materials to interior contents to sizes and dimensions. One factor you might want to consider is a pull-behind, as opposed to a motorized, trailer. But what makes a pull-behind trailer the optimal choice? Here are some benefits you might want to consider:

Pull-behind trailers do not have their own engine like motorized trailers do. That means that you won’t have to worry about downtime due to mechanical problems. Not to mention, repairs to motorized trailers are often very costly, and it is unlikely that a repair shop will have a comparable loaner vehicle. Worse yet, if mechanical problems are beyond repair, the vehicle will be rendered unusable, and the expense of replacing a fully motorized trailer is exponentially higher than the cost of replacing a towing vehicle.

When you choose  a pull-behind trailer, you are allowed much more flexibility with what you can do with the trailer. Because it is detachable from the towing vehicle, you’ll be able to leave the trailer in the field without losing the use of your truck. Also, you won’t have to worry if your truck is temporarily out of commission – with a pull-behind trailer you always have the option of using a different towing vehicle.

While hauling a trailer is always going to cause increased fuel expenses, you’ll have more options with a pull-behind trailer as opposed to a motorized one. You’ll be able to take advantage of new technologies, like hybrid and fuel-efficient trucks as they come out on the market. Additionally, you’ll be able to detach the trailer when not in use, saving on engine wear and tear, vehicle maintenance, and fuel economy. And, you’ll be able to use the towing truck for other aspects of your business, saving you from having to purchase an additional motor vehicle.

When you’re ready to consider adding a  pull-behind trailer to your fleet of vehicles, contact the experts at Mohawk Ltd. We’ll talk to you about all of your options match to your needs. Contact us today.

Sometimes, It Is What’s Outside that Counts

When considering the best materials for trailer construction, there are many products available. But at Mohawk Ltd., we always recommend fiberglass reinforced polymer material, or FRP. While we’ll build your trailer using the materials that best meet your budget, we feel that it’s important for you to know that FRP offers clear advantages over aluminum or lower-grade fiberglass products.

Our FRP is a commercial grade product that offers many advantages over the lower-quality materials some other manufacturers use, such as aluminum or RV-grade fiberglass. All trailer manufacturing products are not created equal, and we think you should have all the facts before you make any final decisions.

For instance, aluminum construction products have a number of drawbacks. For one, aluminum skin-over-frame trailers are very flexible, and this causes a loosening of fasteners and components. They do not provide a high level of noise protection, and fail to withstand the elements over time like FRP material. Aluminum trailers will eventually rust and corrode, making them much less durable and have a shorter lifespan.

Even other types of fiberglass material don’t provide the kind of durability and quality as our premium fiberglass panels. Truth be told, other companies touting “FRP fiberglass” construction in their products are often offering a thin fiberglass matte material that has been bonded to luan plywood panels. This material may not offer the durability you’re expecting for your mobile command center.

At Mohawk Ltd., detail quality and craftsmanship is very important to us.  We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

But all the great interior features that we offer to you won’t make any difference at all if the outside of your trailer becomes useless. You’ll talk to one of our Sales Representatives, who will discuss your requirements with you and send you out an FRP sample right away. Contact us today for more information!

Customers from the fields of law enforcement, HAZMAT, utilities and construction industries realize the need for a product that will withstand a number of variables. That’s why we suggest to them that they construct out of our FRP material when they custom-build their trailer. Here are just a few of the advantages that FRP offers:

-    Superior impact and damage resistance: FRP withstands impacts and abrasions from stones, tree branches, road debris, and workers.

-    Durable surfaces: FRP wall surfaces do not rust, corrode, fade, or peel.

-    Superior noise and insulation value: FRP allows for quieter working conditions within the trailer.

-    Seamless and smooth wall surfaces: FRP provides seamless, smooth, and fastener-free interior and exterior wall surfaces, which allows for easy application of graphics and paint, and makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

-    Ease of repair: Minor damage is easily repaired with standard fiberglass fillers and readily available fiberglass/resin materials.

We know that seeing is believing, though, so that’s why we’re happy to send a sample of FRP out to prospective clients. Let us know if you’d like to see what a great quality product FRP is for yourself. You’ll talk to one of our design engineers, who will discuss your custom trailer needs with you and send you out an FRP sample right away. Contact us today for more information!

12’ Fiber Trailer w/ Ladder Rack

12′ Fiber Optic Truck Body

DUI Trailer

Trailer Cabinetry

Command Center Desks

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Trailer Showcase

Below are some examples of trailers from Mohawk Ltd. 

FRP Custom Truck Body w/ Generator access on side
Interior of Vee-Nose Trailer