Command Centers/Vehicles

What you need. Where you need it most.

You know you need to be prepared in case of an emergency or disaster. When you choose a custom mobile command center from Mohawk Ltd., we’ll help you build a unit that makes your presence known. Working with you to create your perfect mobile command vehicle is our specialty.

We know it’s important for you to show your presence in your community, and we know that can’t be done from inside an office building. We’re driven by the desire to help our clients succeed, and that’s why our mobile command units are built to bring everything from your office or station into the field. The trailers we build are completely self-contained, and feature everything you need to effectively do your job.

Just some of the ways our mobile command centers are currently assisting people include:

  • Law enforcement center specialized for DUI processing and arrests;
  • Law enforcement command centers built to create a police presence in high-crime neighborhoods.
  • Animal rescue center for use in disaster situations;
  • HAZMAT center for decontamination and containment;
  • Crime scene investigation center for testing, storage, and processing of time-sensitive materials;
  • Surveillance center for use in border patrol and homeland security scenarios;
  • Fire and rescue center that includes a washer and dryer for firefighters’ clothing and blankets;

We’ve worked with organizations and government entities all around the country to help them build their mobile command centers. But seeing is believing. Here are just a few of the fully customized mobile command centers we’ve created for our clients:

At Mohawk Ltd., we know people rely on you to be the calm in the storm. We’re ready to help make your vision of a mobile command center a reality. Contact us today to find out how to increase your community presence with a fully customized mobile command center from Mohawk Ltd.

Trailer Showcase

Below are some examples of custom trailers and command centers from Mohawk Ltd. 

27 ft Command Center
FRP Custom Truck Body w/ Generator access on side