Tandem Axle 6×10 7×12 8×12

Fiber optic splicing trailers sizes 6’x10’, 7’x12’, and 8’x12’

Don’t be fooled by imitations, there are other companies touting “FRP fiberglass” construction in their products. The material most often used is “Filon”, a thin fiberglass matte skin bonded to luan plywood panels applied over a steel or aluminum framework. This construction is typically sold in the RV/consumer market.

The FRP fiberglass composite used in Mohawk Ltd.’s Fiber Splicing products is a true unitized panel (composite) construction utilizing significantly stronger materials and better insulation. (More on FRP Construction)

Mohawk Ltd. provides the most durable, self-sufficient and comfortable mobile work environment on the market. We know that functionality and comfort are important to a technician’s productivity. Our Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers are designed to optimize the work space and built to last.

Here are some popular Fiber Optic models and features:
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ML610FOT 6’ x 10’Fiber Optic Splice Trailer 6’ x 10’
ML712FOT 7’ x 12’Fiber Optic Splice Trailer 7’ x 12’
ML812FOT 8’ x 12’Fiber Optic Splaic Trailer 8’ x 12’
ML812VEEFOT 8’ x 12’Fiber Optic 8’ x12’ VeeNose Trailer 8×12’ exteriorFiber Optic 8’ x12’ exterior VeeNose Trailer 8×12’ exterior 2Fiber Optic 8’ x12’ exterior VeeNose Trailer 8×12’ interior 1Fiber Optic 8’ x12’ interior 1 8×12’ interior 2Fiber Optic 8’ x12’ interior 2 8×12’ interior 3Fiber Optic 8’ x12’ interior 3

The base Fiber Optic Trailers are insulated FRP FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) Material interior/exterior with 1” foam side-wall insulation, 6” ceiling insulation, 82” interior height, 7700 GVWR, structural aluminum trailer frame.
Standard Features Include:
Full width rear step bumper Rear Step and Bumper
Adjustable height pintle or 2 5/16” Ball Coupler Adjustable Ball Coupler
7000 lb. adjustable top-wind front jack Top wind Jack
• Electric brakes all 4 wheels
Dexter Torflex tandem axles with 5 stud hub & drums Tandem Axles
• ST205/75R15 radial tire w/ 5 bolt wheel
• Fully D.O.T. compliant trailer lighting, 7 way round trailer connector
Single rear door, Rear Door Entranceleft hand hinge, flush lock, window in top half
• Single side door, right hand hinge, flush lock, window in top half, installed on curbside wall
• 2 ea. 18”x 18” lift up fiber cable access doors with 2”x6” cable slot door with interior latch, opening outward w/ snap covers
• 2 ea. 30”x 15” radiused tinted glass slider windows located on street-side

Electrical as follows:
• 50 amp panel box, include main & circuit breakers
• 4 ea. 110 volt 15 amp duplex interior power outlets
• 3 ea. 110 V GFI exterior power outlets w/weathertite box, 2 ea. curbside, 1 ea. rear
• 2 ea. 4’ flush-mounted dual fluorescent ceiling lightsFlush mount Fluorescent Lighting
• 2 ea. strobe beacons located front curbside and rear streetside corners of roof
• 1 ea. “NightHawk” Fire & Carbon Monoxide detector, mounted over streetside work surface
• Ship-to-shore power outlet w/25’ power cord & integral battery charger/maintainer
115 volt powered roof vent Power Roof Vent
• 24” wide x full length countertop, streetside interior w/adjustable height splicer insert
• 12″ wide shelf over streetside windows with 2ea. fluorescent strip lights underneath
OnanOnan On Board Generator 5.5kw (larger sizes are available along with other power systems) 5.5 KW Commercial/Mobile Gasoline Generator includes battery, exhaust kit. Generator compartment for gasoline installation includes metal enclosure with slide-out generator tray, locking access door, remote stop/start switch, 18 gallon fuel cell.
Air conditioning, 13,500 BTU13,500 BTU AC Unit
Electric baseboard heaters with thermostat, 110VBaseboard Electric Heater
• Magnetic base floodlight mounting plates
12V accessory/cell phone outlet 12V Accessory/Outlet
• 24” wide removable work surface with folding legs and storage bracket
56”x 16” x full height Formica cabinet w/sliding doors Storage Cabinet
in top half located rear curbside of trailer.
• 17”x 34” diamond plate access door with locking latch and seal, provides access to exterior storage compartment on rear curbside
• Wheel chock holders mounted on “A” frame
• Galvanized grip strut wheel chocks
• Mounted Spare Tire
• Crank-down leveling jacks all four corners, removable for storage inside trailer
5 lb. fire extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
• First aid kit
Document/registration holder, exterior front mounted Exterior Document holder

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Trailer Showcase

Below are some examples of trailers from Mohawk Ltd. 

FRP Custom Truck Body w/ Generator access on side
Interior of Vee-Nose Trailer