FRP Product Material Features

FRP Trailer & Truck Body Product Material Features
As you evaluate our product, please be aware of some of the following fFRP Materialeatures and benefits offered by our FRP products. FRP Walls: Composite wall panels consist of 1” thick (R-8 insulation value) polyurethane foam core bonded to interior and exterior skins consisting of heavy fiberglass cloth/resin matrix bonded to marine plywood cores. Exterior finish is bright white gel-coat, interior in off-white resin coat. (Other colors available) All components of the wall structure are permanently bonded together, no fasteners, no seams.
Advantages Include:
• Superior impact and damage resistance: FRP panels will withstand impacts and abrasion from stones, tree branches, road debris and workers that would leave aluminum skin over frame trailers with dents holes and tears in the skin.
• Wall surfaces do not rust, corrode, fade or peel
• Superior noise and thermal insulation values
• Seamless and fastener-free interior and exterior wall surfaces are easy to clean and maintain
• Smooth wall surfaces easily accept graphics and paint
• Minor damage is easily repaired using standard fiberglass fillers and readily available fiberglass/resin materials. Wall panels are mechanically fastened & bonded to structural and extruded aluminum corners, rails and trailer frame.
Advantages Include:
• Light weight
• Rust proof and corrosion resistant, no paint to peel or chip
• Bonded FRP/aluminum construction results in a strong, rigid trailer. Aluminum skin over frame trailers are very flexible and will loosen fasteners and components over time
• Extruded aluminum corners and rails offer superior impact and damage resistance when compared with bent .050 aluminum used on many aluminum skin or “Filon” fiberglass over frame trailers

NOTE: There are other companies touting “FRP fiberglass” construction in their products. The material most often used is a
thin fiberglass matte skin bonded to luan plywood panels applied over a steel or aluminum framework. This construction is
typically sold in the RV/consumer market. The FRP fiberglass composite used in Mohawk Ltd. trailer products is a true
unitized panel (composite) construction utilizing significantly stronger materials and better insulation. This basic FRP wall
technology is widely used by Hertz-Penske, Ryder and U-Haul in their rental truck fleet, and by many over-the-road freight
haulers because of its superior durability, lower maintenance and longer service life. Mohawk Ltd. is the only trailer
manufacturer to utilize this technology and we are pleased to provide a sample of our wall material at your request.

Trailer Showcase

Below are some examples of trailers from Mohawk Ltd. 

FRP Custom Truck Body w/ Generator access on side
Interior of Vee-Nose Trailer